No one could save me but you explores the displacement and memory of war, portraying a sense of loss and mourning for a space and time now past.

We are identified by the place we grew up in. In depicting the disconcerting lonely feeling when such a place is erased from a map this series softly investigates the deep trauma beneath the surface.

In looking for roots in a world of constant change the resulting nomadic life led by many is visualized through photographs of landscape and nature. Nature has a power to renew and heal itself; in the same way we attempt to heal ourselves.

This search for identity and reconciliation with the past through the photograph - to illustrate visual memory by repeating the frame with or without human presence - reveals the ghosts within.

Each image tells a story within a story using a layered aesthetic to reflect different aspects of everyday life. These are often taken for granted until there is a danger of losing them - such as in times of war - just as our past is lost or kept by memory.

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