Zaklina Anderson is an artist born in Slovenia, who has been working in art for over 30 years. Her practice consists of photography, drawing, painting and sculpture.

Zaklina has exhibited her work in France, United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019 in London, Postcards from Europe at Cambridge University, Fix Festival in London, the 5th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Barcelona, and the Festival Européen de la photo de nu in Arles, France.

She began her studies in photography at the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia, following in the footsteps of her parents. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College in Chicago, she continued her education at the Speos Paris Photographic Institute, where she later became a professor. She taught Master’s level programs at Parsons Paris and Speos.

While living in London, Zaklina explored different art techniques at the Hampstead School of Art, including etching and printing, as well as creative drawing with Tony Wigg. She was introduced to sculpture by Laura Vicente in Estoril.

Zaklina is based in Cascais, Portugal.



Zaklina Anderson is an imaginative intuitive visual artist who makes visible the world of feelings. Her works are the emotional mirrors of colour and form which can evoke high drama or simply quiet introspection. And like all sincere and intuitive artists her deep connection with self enables the artist to create a world where often difficult feelings are transformed into works of great beauty full of life and imagination. To approach her work intuitively is key to understanding its special qualities, a fine talent gathering momentum and clearly going from strength to strength.

Tony Wigg - London - 28th May 2023

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